The SHOCKING reason Chiquis Rivera threw Rosie Rivera to the curb​

Chiquis RiveraDo you remember a couple of weeks ago when it was revealed that Chiquis Rivera took over legal custody of her siblings? Rosie Rivera, Jenni Rivera's sister and the aunt of Chiquis, originally had custody and made it seem like it was no big deal to relinquish custody because according to her Chiquis had always taken care of her siblings. It all seemed very strange though because not only was Chiquis getting legal guardianship, she also kicked Rosie out of the family's home. Drama, drama, siempre drama with this familia. Well, now a chismoso has revealed that there is indeed more to this story.


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According to a source who is supposedly close to the situation and talked to TvyNovelas, Chiquis came home one day earlier than expected and found her tía Rosie playing music in the late Jenni Rivera's bedroom and not only that Rosie had on some of Jenni's clothes and accessories. Chiquis is said to have lost it because she only allows her siblings in that room, aside from herself. 

Add to it all that Chiquis had found out that Rosie was planning to sell the family home without considering the consequences that it would have on the kids. The chismoso source says that the blowout between niece and aunt was so loud that the cops were called. Rosie was unceremoniously kicked out of the house by Chiquis who was yelling that she never wanted to see her again. Rosie didn't even have any time to pack and was picked up by someone she must have called.  

I told you: drama, drama, drama! It never ends with this family. We can't be sure that what this chismoso claims actually happened because he or she was not inside the home when this all went down, so take it all with a grain of salt, but it does help explain Rosie's sudden departure from the home and why Chiquis felt she HAD to take over legal custody of her siblings.

I wish Chiquis and her siblings much luck and love. May they lean on each other and not have any other issues.

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