Jennifer Lopez already has a new man in her life & her kids LOVE him!

Jennifer Lopez hires male nannyJennifer Lopez is all about the single life these days. She's finally realized that the only love she needs right now is self-love and has decided to take a break from dating. She's even written about it in her new memoir, "True Love." But can she really go a good amount of time without a man? I'm trying really hard to believe she can, but I don't know, girl. J.Lo has a hard time saying no to love and last I heard she hired a young, hot male nanny to watch over her twins Max and Emme. Um, what's up with that?


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Jennifer has always hired female nannies in the past, so what made her suddenly decide on a male one? Who knows, but I don't have a good feeling about this. For starters, the guy isn't hard on the eyes. He's young and attractive--just the way J.Lo likes them, right? I also find it a little suspicious that she would hire a male nanny after all these years? Is she just looking to have a man around the house?

Oh and get this: The kids LOVE him already! Or at least that's what it looks like, judging from pictures of the kids playing with him in Malibu. Listen, I have nothing against mannys especially a young, hot thang like J.Lo's. My only concern is that J.Lo might be looking for love in all the wrong places. Why employ a male nanny while she's single?

Don't forget part of the reason why she fell so hard for Casper Smart was because of the way he got along with her kids. We already know she likes younger men and has no problem dating non-famous dudes whom she financially supports. She gave Casper (who was also one of her backup singers) a luxury car and a weekly allowance for god's sakes. So you never know!

I just hope J.Lo really does stick to the single life a bit longer. She's not going to find herself or learn how to truly love herself without it! You can do it Jennifer--I believe in you!

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