Kim Kardashian puts North West on a diet!

Kim Kardashian and North WestKim Kardashian isn't your average everyday kind of mother so when I heard the rumor that she already has North West on a strict diet, I was shocked, but not all that shocked. The first thing I thought was are you kidding me, that kid is not fat, she's adorable. Of course, I had to look into the rumor a bit more porque that little cutie North West certainly does not have a weight problem, so her mom couldn't possibly be trying to slim her down could she? Because that would be all kinds of wrong.


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So these North West diet rumors seem to have stemmed from a story in Okay! Magazine where a source close to Kim says that Kim "has worked out a daily organic menu for Nori with her chef, one that cuts out processed food and sugar entirely!"

Honestly, that doesn't sound all that crazy to me. If I had the money and the chef I would have my whole family eat like that. Plus it's not like 17-month-olds are eating the vastest array of foods anyway. The thing is that the source goes on to say, "Poor North West never gets any treats, which upsets her when she's hanging out with other little kids whose parents let them eat what they want." Really?

Supposedly the impetus behind having North eat such a regimented and healthy diet is not because Kim is trying to get North West to slim down. PHEW! It has more to do with helping her avoid health and weight issues later in life. The source says Kanye is onboard because "He doesn't want Nori to grow up struggling with her weight."

Honestly, of all the nutty things that Kim Kardashian does that may affect North West in the future, I think this one is not bad at all. Big deal that she wants to feed her kid a healthy organic diet, who doesn't?

And am I worried about North growing up deprived of any treats? Nope. I mean, just check out this picture of Nori having her first hot chocolate. Cuteness! I'm sure she'll get her fair share of treats.

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