Chiquis Rivera FINALLY shares what really happened with her mom Jenni & Esteban Loaiza

All of the Rivera family drama is getting spilled on paper and ink. Chiquis Rivera is promising to tell her truth about her estranged relationship with her mom Jenni Rivera in her upcoming autobiography, Perdón. The book title sounds pretty symbolic considering that she had a sticky relationship with Jenni before her death. In the book, Chiquis will reveal intimate family details and the truth about her involvement with Jenni's ex Esteban Loaiza. My thing is--will it be any different from what she has told the media in the past? 


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I highly doubt Chiquis is going to change her tune about her former stepdad. Despite rumors that the two had an affair, Chiquis has always strictly denied the allegations. What could she possibly add to her version of the story? In an interview with Univision, Chiquis explained that she no longer stays in contact with Esteban. "I respect Esteban and I know he stays in touch with my younger siblings. I want things to go well for him, but we don't talk like that. He's in his business and I'm in mine," she said.

I have always felt like the Rivera family's secrets are like peeling an onion--there are always more layers to be uncovered. I could see Chiquis spilling more details about the memories of her late mother and how their relationship was before the entire madness hit. Getting that picture of what it was like before Jenni's tragic death would be worth buying the book.

Maybe Chiquis and Esteban didn't have an affair. I'm sure that's the version she will stick to in the book, but I want to know what really happened to make her mother so angry at her. If it wasn't the affair then what was it? If she's going to draw people in, she has to squeeze more juice out of that lemon for chismosas like me. 

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