Jose Canseco: "Maybe I'll sell my finger on eBay"

Jose CansecoWhat happens when you decide to clean your gun that's… ummm, loaded? Well, you shoot your finger off, of course, just like Jose Canseco did last month! And what happens when you play in a poker tournament with your reattached finger that you accidentally blew off? Well, apparently it falls off and someone catches it on video! Oops! And then of course the next obvious thing to do is casually tweet about it, like Canseco did yesterday evening. I know, I really should not be so harsh on the former slugger, except I have little sympathy for stupid behavior, which he seems to have a lot of under his belt. 


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The Cuban-American former MLB player has made headlines for reasons that have nothing to do with excelling at sports. From admitting he used performance enhancing drugs during his baseball career, to being evicted from his home in L.A., all the way to dabbling in boxing and mixed martial arts and failing at it, to being accused of rape, taking a polygraph test to show he was innocent, and eventually shooting off his own finger and then losing it to a game of poker. Isn't that something to brag about?

Here are some of his tweets that got him trending on Twitter last night. 

If you think he's no longer LOLing about it, think again. After all he DID shoot himself by accident while cleaning a loaded gun, for goodness'sake and he DID find it funny that his finger fell off playing poker. Just a few minutes ago, he tweeted this nice picture saying maybe he should sell his finger on eBay:

Well, the good news is that he can't shoot that finger off next time he cleans his gun. Now the question is, will he be able to keep the nine he's got left?

Update on Sunday November 16. The tweet above with the photo of his finger was deleted from Jose Canseco's account. 

Image via TMZ 


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