Ninel Conde responds to all her haters​ with sexy selfie

ninel conde faceLeave it to Ninel Conde to post a sexy selfie just weeks after giving birth. It seems like she has a lot in common with Kim Kardashian. The Mexican actress, who welcomed her son Emmanuel at the end of October, bounced back from her pregnancy and showed off her flat belly to prove it. Now, Ninel is taking a similar approach with her cleavage as well. Ay, some people are such attention seekers. 


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I can't hate, though. Ninel looks amazing. The cleavage-baring selfie was taken to shush-up the haters. She posted a photo rocking a black low-cut blouse with the lengthy caption:

It's such a shame that some outlets publish the worst and are just frozen with their cameras to make negative comments about me. It's so sad that when you make yourself accessible as an artist they just come to knock you down, attack you or make negative comments. Yes, I just became a mother, but I feel proud of how quickly I have been able to bounce back and I feel blessed with my greatest treasure.

Honestly, I feel bad for Ninel. Unlike Kim, she doesn't go seeking out criticism or negative attention. She never released a sex tape or anything like that. She hasn't even posed naked after having her kid (unlike the reality star). Yes, she is highly sexualized, but blame that on the network executives and how Latinas are marketed in the entertainment world. 

She's just trying to make a name for herself and find success. Why would we rip her apart for that? She isn't the first or the last Latina to get plastic surgery. Besides, whether she bounced back or not, haters were going to hate. I think that's Ninel's point and it sucks even more that the media is adding fuel to the fire. 

I just don't get the pleasure in breaking down another human being. Let Ninel live! She isn't hurting anyone by posting a sexy selfie, is she? 

Images via Ninel Conde/Instagram

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