Sexiest Kim Kardashian pictures including nudesOh my Díos, after seeing Kim Kardashian's bare butt slathered in some kind of oil on the cover of Paper magazine, I really did not think that I could be shocked any further. Well, I'm SHOCKED that Kim Kardashian managed to shock me more. You see, not only did she bare her bottom, she also went full frontal nude for Paper magazine. Nude as in you see absolutely EVERYTHING on that woman and nothing is left to the imagination. Oh yeah! My jaw dropped to the ground and I'm pretty sure yours will too, so please put a pillow under to cushion the blow.

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Of course I'm going to show you the picture I'm talking about because I cannot go through this shock alone, but before I get to the "money" shot so to speak, let's do a lead up with Kim Kardashian's raciest pictures. Click through the photographs that paved the way for Kim going completely commando. Make sure the kiddies are not around if you don't want to have an uncomfortable conversation with them. Poor North West! What's next Kim, a leaked Kimye sex tape?

Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

Bathing beauty 1

Bathing beauty

Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

Remember this picture that Kim took of her post baby booty? When Kanye saw it posted on social media, he responded, "HEADING HOME NOW." TMI, Kanye!


Couple's time 2

Couple's time

Image via L’Officiel Hommes

I'm thinking the scene looked a little like this L'Officiel Hommes cover when Kanye got home after that tweet he sent in response to the previous photo. Kim Kardashian and Kanye posed nude, but it's still pretty tasteful because you don't see any naughty bits.


Topless belfie 3

Topless belfie

Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

Kim is known for her belfie shots on Instagram. This one caused an uproar because she's topless in it, but again you still can't see too much.

Nude in sheets 4

Nude in sheets

Image via British GQ

British GQ named Kim Kardashian Woman of the Year, so naturally she rolled around naked in some sheets for them.


Off with the sheets 5

Off with the sheets

Image via British GQ

Then the sheets came off, but again, this doesn't give everything away.


Begin the striptease 6

Begin the striptease

Image via

Paper magazine did two versions of Kim Kardashian covers for their "Break the Internet" issue. This is the fully clothed one.



Off with the dress 7

Off with the dress

Image via

And this is a photo of the spread inside Paper where Kim starts to take it all off.

The naked booty shot 8

The naked booty shot

Image via

And this is the now infamous gleaming photo of Kim's butt on the alternate cover, which is actually the cover that is getting the most attention.


Full frontal 9

Full frontal

Image via

And then she just took it all off! I don't know why I find it so shocking that Kim chose to be photographed full frontal and fully naked, but I do. I mean really, what's left for her to do now?

Fetish condom dress 10

Fetish condom dress

Image via Getty

She looks like a walking, talking sex organ. So not sexy, but at least she's wearing latex.