Kim Kardashian fully naked in graphic booty shot for cover of Paper Mag

Kim Kardashian bares her butt for Paper magazineHold on to your eyeballs, mi gente, because they are about to pop out of your head. Why? Because of Kim Kardashian and her butt! At least that's what happened to my ojos when I saw Kim Kardashian's fully naked butt on the cover of Paper magazine. Oh my Dios, I thought I had seen Kim's butt before, but nothing compares to this full moon shot. The only thing covering her nalgas seems to be a thin film of oil. Okay, I'm going to show you the full cover now, you might want to take a step back to make room for it and your soon to be bulging out eyeballs.


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Kim Kardashian on the cover of PaperDo you see what I'm talking about? That's her butt front and center. If you've ever wondered what her butt looks like with nothing but oil on it, now you know.

This is one of two covers that Paper created for their "Break the Internet" issue. The second features a fully clothed Kim balancing a champagne glass on her pompis. It's cheeky, but in a humorous way. No doubt Kim will at least crack the internet with all that ass.

Aside from marveling at the unbelievable proportions of her body. I can't help but wonder why Kim decided to create what will surely go down in history as the wank off cover of the decade. Kim has shown us her butt in various forms of undress before, they've all somehow been a tad more tasteful though.

Why Kim? You have a little girl named North West. Remember her? She's going to have to grow up in the shadow of your ass. I'm not particularly prudish, but the mami in me thinks that no daughter EVER needs to see her mom's oiled up nalgas on the cover of a magazine. And no, North isn't going to be bothered by it now, but give it a few years.

Images via Getty Images, Paper

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