Here's what Jennifer Lopez really thinks about Marc Anthony's engagement​

What Jennifer Lopez thinks about Marc Anthony marrying Shannon de Lima

When I found out that Marc Anthony is set to marry Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima in the Dominican Republic this November I wondered what Jennifer Lopez thinks about the whole thing. Sure, we've all had time to get used to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony not being a couple anymore. After all, they announced the split in July of 2011 and even though the divorce did not become official until this year, neither Lopez nor Anthony have let cobwebs build up in their romantic lives. It's not that I thought JLo would be jealous or upset about Marc marrying his on-again off-again lady love, it's that JLo and Marc have kids together and that means that JLo gets to have a legitimate opinion about who her ex brings into their children's lives. A poco, ¿no


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So here's what Jennifer Lopez had to say about Marc's upcoming wedding: "I'm happy for him. I am totally single. It's not going to be forever. Someone great will come along." Sounds like a perfectly diplomatic answer that doesn't say much about Marc Anthony or Shannon De Lima and instead puts the focus back on JLo and her own love life. I mean what else is she going to say, bitch better be nice to my kids 'cause that's all I really care about

I'm thinking that Jennifer really does want Marc to be happy and in a healthy relationship, so that when their kids are with him and his lady love it's all happy, happy, joy, joy. I mean from what Lopez has revealed in her recent memoir it seems to be she who felt like she had to walk away from her marriage to Marc Anthony and it wasn't an easy decision to make nor one that was made lightly. 

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