Will Smith takes nude pics of Jada Pinkett Smith sleeping

You've got to hand it to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. These two really know how to keep the spark beaming in their marriage. What's their secret you ask? Well apparently lots of sex and lots of love. In fact, Jada claims she recently discovered that her hubby Will has been keeping a secret photo diary of her where he takes and collects nude shots of her sleeping. She even shared one on Facebook!


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"I discovered the sexiest secret the other day," she wrote on Facebook. "My husband takes pics of me in my sleep. He has a whole stash he revealed to me and I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of myself through his eyes. I had to share one with you guys."

The photo shows Jada laying naked on her side in bed. The only thing you can really see is her back though. And while some people might find Jada's post a little TMI, I actually think it's really sweet and I understand why she did it too. Will and Jada have been fighting rumors of a supposedly troubled marriage for years. I'm talking years! There have been accusations that they're only together because they have an open marriage. Some folks even believe Will Smith is a closeted gay.

Why is it so hard for people to accept that these two actually have a good marriage? They've been together for 16 years and seem to know how to keep the romance alive. They clearly have a healthy sex life along with very passionate feelings towards each other. Can you think of anything more romantic than your husband keeping a secret stash of pictures of you sleeping? I think they're adorable and anyone who thinks differently is just a hater!

Images via Getty Images, Jada Pinkett Smith/Facebook

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