Ninel Conde shows off INSANELY flat tummy just 1 week after giving birth

I didn't know that you could literally look like you were never even pregnant just seven short days after giving birth, but boy did Ninel Conde just prove me wrong! I knew Ninel stayed super active during her pregnancy, which she proved time and again by posting her workouts up through the very week she gave birth on her Instagram account. I also know how incredibly important it is to stay active during pregnancy, believe me--I'm pregnant right now and I can feel a huge difference in my energy levels on days that I work out versus days I just sloth around.

But seriously, these washboard abs are borderline unbelievable!!! You have to see them to believe them...


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So Ninel posted her tips for getting a flat belly FAST after giving birth and they included some tried and true Latina methods, such as wearing a tight faja around the clock after labor. But she also said that every new mama should invest in a good tightening cream, which is something I honestly hadn't even considered until now, though it totally makes sense. I always sort of believed that those creams were a scam, but I have read recently that they actually DO work depending on the kind of ingredients they have (look for products that include collagen-boosting, anti-oxidants and stuff like caffeine and soy).

But her hands down number one best piece of advice was to make sure that your lifestyle includes regular exercise. I can honestly tell a difference, not only in my day-to-day energy levels but also in how toned my body is during this pregnancy depending on how much I work out and really focus on building and maintaining my strength and flexibility. So, the short answer is there is no way to really "guarantee" a flat belly like this after baby unless you have put in the hard work ahead of time--no ifs, ands, or buts mamitas!

Image via Instagram/Ninel Conde