Cristina Saralegui reveals the true cause of her alcoholism

We are learning more and more about the Latina Oprah's personal life and battle with addiction. We were all shocked when Cristina Saralegui revealed her battle with alcoholism during a recent interview with Univision. At first, it seemed like the 66-year-old Cuban journalist's relationship with alcohol spiraled out of control once her iconic talk show was canceled by the Spanish language network in 2010. However, Cristina recently admitted darker and more painful skeletons in her closet. 


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Cristina confesses that what really sparked her addiction to alcohol was her son Jon Marcos depression and attempted suicide. While promoting her tell-all book titled ¡Pa'rriba y pa'lante! Mis secretos para triunfar en tu carrera, tu relación y tu vida, Cristina shared with the show Ventaneando on TV Azteca:

My son got really sick and he tried to kill himself and I can't explain to a common mother what it feels like when they tell you, 'You know what? Your son just tried to kill himself from the fifth floor of a parking garage.'

She is one strong woman. It's one thing to come out about her battle with alcoholism, but it takes tremendous courage to reveal such a family secret. She's also so professional that her fans didn't have a clue that she was dealing with so much in her personal life.

Cristina's son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and she confessed:

As a Latina woman, I didn't understand what a mental illness was. Most people that get depressed don't take medication or go to the doctor for it because they don't want to hear that they're crazy. Being bipolar doesn't mean you're crazy, it's chemical imbalance in your brain that makes you want to die sometimes. I sent him to a special hospital where he was taking 15 pills a day. He was like that for two years.

She says that's when she turned to alcohol:

You don't know what it's like to be without your baby for two years. In all honesty, it feels like you're dead. So that's what made me turn to whiskey. It didn't help because instead of taking away my pain, I got angry. I just kept thinking, 'why me?' 'why my good boy?'

This breaks my heart. After decades of welcoming her into our homes, Cristina feels like a part of our family. It's hard to believe that she was struggling with so many demons a few years ago. As a true luchadora, she has come out stronger and braver than ever. She deserves two thumbs up for that. 

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