Rosie Rivera FINALLY reveals why she moved out of Jenni Rivera's home

Rosie Rivera is finally talking to reporters for the first time since moving out of her late sister Jenni Rivera's home and renouncing custody of her 17-year-old niece Jenicka and 13-year-old nephew Johnny López. Since Chiquis is the legal guardian of the teens, rumors started that Rosie and Chiquis' tense relationship caused the famous tia to pack her bags and leave her sister's kids behind. Bueno, now Rosie is telling her side of the story it is VERY interesting. 


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Rosie opened up about what really caused her to move out:

I did move out of my sister's house and I'm here at my mother's house, but it's not what everyone is speculating. I didn't move out because of any problems with Chiquis. This was always the plan from the beginning. My sister put me in charge of Jenni Rivera Enterprises and all of the finances. Before her death, in October, she changed her mind about who should be in charge of her kids. From day one, that person was always Chiquis. Before there was a legal testament, Chiquis was always in charge of the kids while my sister worked. You guys know that there was a problem between them and that's when my sister decided to change that part of her testament so that I was in charge of finances and the kids. My mom and I had a sit down with Chiquis and we promised that we would change that error that my sister made.  

The Rivera family has so many secrets that even when they are "opening up" about stuff it's still in such a vague way. If the rumors about Chiquis and Esteban Loaiza having an affair aren't true, then what pissed off Jenni so much that she decided to switch the custody over to Rosie? Although Rosie claims that she doesn't have problems with Chiquis, she also doesn't confirm that they have ended their issues about Rosie not denying that Chiquis did have a romantic something going on with her former step-dad.

At this point, we will never know the truth and I don't count on either one of these women to be totally honest about the whole affair incident. All of that aside, I admire Rosie for trying to keep the peace during this interview. She revealed that she spoke to a family therapist before making the final decision, so maybe this is best for everyone involved--especially the kids. 

Image via Rosie Rivera/Instagram

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