Did Shakira get plastic surgery?​

Please say it isn't so! Shakira plastic surgery rumors were sparked after the pregnant celeb was snapped leaving a cosmetic clinic for pregnant women in Barcelona, Spain. The "Waka Waka" singer was caught wearing a freaky mask over her face despite the city's blazing hot weather. Was she trying to hide from the paps or could she have been hiding a recent procedure done to her face?


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The odd thing about this is that Shaki is expecting so I'm sure that limits the type of cosmetic procedures she can get. Perhaps she was scheduling a tummy tuck for after the birth of her second son and decided to get a face peel while she was there? Many medical reports claim that Botox is totally safe to use while pregnant since it is a small amount that is injected into a specific facial area.

I still don't trust it and highly doubt that Shakira would put her baby at risk just for a little facial work. Previously, Shakira has admitted that she considered plastic surgery in the past and thought about getting her boobs augmented. She told In Touch, "Eventually I said, 'Forget it,' and started accepting myself the way I am." That is very admirable. Most celebs look super done up nowadays, but Shakira has always had a natural and beautiful look about her.

I don't know what she has been up to lately, but it's definitely something! What could she be hiding under that freaky mask? I think getting a little work done is fine if it's going to make you feel better about yourself, but the trick is to avoid looking like Tiger Woman at all costs. I have faith in Shaki. She won't take it that far. I hope...

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