Chiquis Rivera gets custody of her siblings as Rosie Rivera moves out

It sounds like there is some family drama in the Rivera household. Chiquis Rivera was granted custody of her younger siblings 17-year-old Jenicka and 13-year-old Johnny López. Jenni Rivera's sister Rosie Rivera was originally granted full guardianship of the singer's six children when she tragically passed away back in 2012. Now Jenni's eldest daughter is officially her siblings' guardian, but how does Rosie feel about all of this? Reportedly, Chiquis' aunt peacefully accepted the family court's decision, but has since moved out of the Rivera family mansion. There is way more going on here and I'm getting to the bottom of it.


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Turns out that Rosie moved out of Jenni's home, where her children reside, two months ago. Earlier this year, Chiquis and Rosie had a very public battle over the cheating rumors involving the 29-year-old singer and her former stepdad Esteban Loaiza.

Chiquis and Esteban have always denied the nasty allegations, but Rosie didn't defend her niece during an interview with Myrka Dellanos. She basically threw her under the bus and Chiquis took to Twitter to defend herself and bash her tia. Chiquis wrote, "It's sad what "certain" people will do for attention. God I will leave it in your hands." Maybe her aunt was keeping it real, but regardless it wasn't something she should have shared with the media. 

I'm sure their relationship was broken beyond repair at that point. The best way of getting back at her and completely distancing herself from Rosie was to file for custody of her siblings. Rosie was probably pushed out and decided to leave silently instead of causing more drama. I wonder what Jenni would think about all of this. She would probably squash the drama in two seconds and sing an amazing ranchera about it. 
I actually think it's really mature of Chiquis to stand up as a caretaker for her siblings. I'm sure she will be as dedicated and loving as Jenni. Hopefully Rosie and Chiquis can mend things, but you never know with this type of family drama.  

Watch Chiquis in action during her recent episode of Chiquis Confidential.

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