Don Omar gets back with ex who accused him of domestic violence?​

After all of Don Omar's domestic violence drama, the reggaetonero may have gotten back with the woman who accused him of being physically abusive. The hit-making rapper was arrested for domestic violence in Puerto Rico last month after local police suspected that he was beating on his 26-year-old girlfriend Raquel López. He was released on $600,000 bail and was ordered to stay under house arrest. Well, did all of the legal issues end up causing a change of heart beat Don and his novia


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While some speculated whether Lopez called the police as a way to bank on Don Omar's fortune, authorities on the island confirmed that there were several disputes reported between them in the past. According to TV Notas, many sources claim that the couple has quietly gotten back together. Don Omar has been busy promoting his new single "Soledad" and has stayed away from posting dark quotes about life and his journey.

Shortly after the arrest, Lopez took to her Facebook to speak out about the case for the first time. She wrote:

I met a man who I will love always. We were friends, partners at work and loyal lovers for a long time. By his side, I experienced some great moments and some not so great moments. Likewise, we have both grown together and learned during this process and today I know there is no more strength in me to continue this torment that we are both currently living. 

It seemed like she was over Don Omar, but definitely still had a lot of love and praise for him. This can be typical for victims of abuse. I'm sure his fame also gives her more reason to hold on to the relationship at all costs. Honestly, if a man ever hits or threatens you, it is a clear sign that this is not the right person for you, or for anyone really! I think she must break the pattern of abuse no matter how many hit albums he has. A broken heart won't hurt as much as the next possible fight.  

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