Kim Kardashian predicted she'd be famous when she was just 13 years old in hilarious home video

Kim KardashianSome people are destined for fame don't you think? Call me crazy, but I think that Kim Kardashian was born to be famous. The crazy thing is that even from a really young age she seems to have known that she would be famous. I'm serious, at 13 years old Kim Kardashian had a psychic moment in front of the camera and quite clearly and prophetically assured anyone watching that she would in fact become famous. She says, "Does everyone get a tape of this? I hope you do, so you can see me when I'm famous and remember me as this beautiful little girl!" Can you believe that? Wait until you see it.


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It's interesting to watch this video of a 13-year-old Kim Kardashian right now because she just recently celebrated her 34th birthday. What a difference a couple of decades makes.

The video was taken during Kim's middle school graduation celebrations and I'm sorry, but she couldn't be cuter. She's got this adorable face that I have to say reminds of a young Phoebe Cates and she's so full of enthusiasm. She keeps hogging the camera and mic. Her words tumble out of her mouth almost without taking a break. She calls herself "the best," "the dopest of the ropest of the class" and when she's asked to define a "dope" without skipping a beat she responds, "dope is Kim."

Now if this were an adult talking about themselves this way, I would be appalled, but this is a kid and it's actually kind of cute. I love that at 13 years old, an age that can be so painfully awkward for young girls, Kim was exuberant and confident.

Also, I'm not kidding about Kim being psychic. She does in fact predict her future fame and you have to remember that this video was taken WAY before her family built their reality empire. I'm just saying, Kim could start some kind of a psychic network because clearly she can see into her own future at least.

Check out this throwback video of Kim!

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