Elizabeth Peña's shocking cause of death revealed​

Elizabeth Peña dies from alcohol abuseOf course when I found out that the beloved Latina actress Elizabeth Peña died on October 14 at only 55 years old, I wanted to know what the cause was, didn't you? You always want an explanation when someone who isn't advanced in years and seems healthy dies, but no real explanation was given. The only reason stated at the time was that she had passed away after a brief illness. Well, now the cause of her death has been revealed. She died from cirrhosis of the liver "due to alcohol." Not only that, but her death certificate leads one to believe that she suffered greatly in her last hours.


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According to the death certificate, Peña struggled with cirrhosis for months. Hours before she died she developed acute gastrointestinal bleeding and then suffered cardiac arrest.

I find this news shocking. Not because I'm judging Peña, not at all. I find it shocking because I had no idea that she had any issues with alcohol or that she was in poor health because of it. She seemed to be doing great with a recent turn as Gloria's mother on Modern Family and her work on Matador for El Rey Network.

It breaks my heart. It really does. People can judge all they want, but I don't think anyone turns to alcohol or drugs with the intention of overdoing it, with the intention of hurting themselves. I think they turn to alcohol or drugs because they are hurting. Unfortunately for some people once they turn to an addictive substance, they can't seem to turn away.

Peña was a great and inspiring actress. I wish her last few moments of life could have been less painful. I'm sorry for her and all her loved ones who witnessed her suffering. Rest in peace Elizabeth Peña, I'm sorry you were hurting.

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