Chiquis Rivera blasts Esteban Loaiza for demanding money

Chiquis Rivera is not keeping her mouth shut about her former stepdad's planes to cash in on her mother Jenni Rivera's tragic death. We previously reported that Esteban Loaiza is suing the owners of the plane company for a hefty $35 million since they were the cause of her untimely death. This would probably be acceptable if it was anyone but Esteban. Jenni was estranged from Esteban months before the accident and even filed for divorce back in October 2012. Now Chiquis is firing back and blasting Esteban for his shadiness. 


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Chiquis went on El Gordo y la flaca and did not hold back her feelings:

I know that legally he is entitled or has some sort of power, I'm not sure if that's true and if it is; it makes me kind of sad. My siblings didn't just lose a mom, but they also lost a dad. I don't care how much money he ends up getting--that money belongs to the kids. It won't bring my mom back, but that money belongs to them. I think what he is doing is just in bad taste.

Bueno, Chiquis has a point there. It is disgusting that he is trying to make bank out of his ex-wife's death. He has a big enough salary thanks to his baseball career. Why wouldn't he just leave this poor family alone? He knows that things were not on good terms between them before Jenni passed. Chiquis is right, any cash won in the lawsuit should belong to Jenni's six children, but the issue I have is that this isn't just about money. It is a thing about respect.

Whatever Esteban did to Jenni was bad enough for her to divorce his ass and speak badly about him to the media. She never disclosed any details about their split, but did confirm that their marriage was officially over. He probably didn't treat Jenni the way she deserved to be treated and on top of that now you are going to take advantage of her death?! I would be furious if I were Chiquis. I hope he doesn't get a dime out of this and I know she is secretly thinking it too. 

Image via Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

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