North West rocks $50k diamond earrings 'cause she can!

North West might not be the richest baby in Hollywood but she's definitely the most spoiled. This toddler is living the kind of life most of adults could only dream of. Kim and Kanye's baby already has more than 200 articles of designer clothing sitting in her walk-in closet? Can you believe that? Not only does she own a $375 silk Oscar de la Renta dress, custom-made Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and a $200 leopard Roberto Cavalli dress, but her parents also got her a pair of very VERY expensive earrings and you'll never guess how much they cost!


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Well according to Us Weekly, Kim and Kanye spent $50,000 on the earrings because apparently every 16-month-old baby needs to own earrings worth $50,000. This is madness!

Something tells me North West is going to grow up to be one hell of a brat and her parents are definitely to blame. What the heck are they doing buying her $50,000 stud earrings? I get that they're loaded, but is this kind of spending even necessary? It's not like North can even appreciate it at this age. I'm telling you, this kid has it all from a walk-in closet filled with over 200 pieces of designer clothing (that she still hasn't even worn by the way) to her own personal stylist. Is it really necessary?

Kim and Kanye many not see it now but they are ultimately creating a monster. North literally just started walking, the toddler isn't even potty trained yet. What is she doing walking around with $50,000 Lorraine Schwartz earrings? That's more money than most people make in a year. Anyone else's jaw still dropped to the floor right now?

If at just 16-months-old Nori has half-carat diamond earrings, designer clothes and personal stylist, can you imagine what kind of stuff her folks are going to be getting her when she's in her teens? She's going to be a zillion times worse than Kim's younger sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Heck, she'll probably have her own mansion and personal chef by the time she's 15. Wait, I think I read somewhere that North already has her own personal chef to help accommodate her all-organic diet. Ugh, you see what I'm saying!

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