Luis Fonsi opens up about Adamari Lopez's pregnancy

Luis Fonsi has no hard feelings against his ex-wife Adamari Lopez. At least that's what he wants us to believe. The Puerto Rican singer has moved on and remarried model Agueda Lopez in a lavish vineyard wedding last month. Despite having a new life, Luis Fonsi still gets asked awkward questions about his former love. Of course, Lopez is currently expecting her first child with fiancé Toni Costa. So what does Fonsi think about Adamari Lopez's baby bump


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In an interview with a Mexican television show No lo cuentes, Fonsi revealed, "I'm happy, I commented that it is a miracle, a gift from God and I'm sincerely happy for her." He could have told his PR person to nix any questions related to Adamari, but at least he gave a short and graceful answer. To back up, Fonsi wasn't always on good terms with Lopez after their split 5 years ago.

When Adamari released her autobiography Viviendo, she made sure to write honestly about her relationship with Luis, which didn't sit too well with him. There was some back and forth between them in the media and Adamari finally responded:

"There is nothing written in the book that isn't truthful. My intention was never to hurt anyone, I simply wanted to tell the truth about my past. I mention in the book that the person that was by my side was very important, that he never did anything to intentionally hurt me, from my understanding, that's what happened."

Well said! Luis and Adamari prove that going through a celeb break-up isn't easy, but there is a certain level of respect that both of them extend to each other. It has been 5 years since they split and they have both managed to fall in love again and start new lives. Luis was with Adamari when she was battling cancer. No matter what happened in their personal relationship, I'm sure he is still happy to see her healthy and celebrating the gift of motherhood. Finally, we can put all of the drama behind us. 

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