Channing Tatum strips down to a thong in sexy throwback video

Channing Tatum just made the 90's look sexy as hell. Back then, it was all about oversized shirts and baggy jeans, but the Hollywood actor made sure to take it all off for his gig as an exotic dancer at an establishment called Male Encounter in Florida. Classy. If you thought he was amazing in Magic Mike then you have to check out Channing Tatum's strip tease throwback video. This chico can move!


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Tatum's stage name was "Chan Crawford" and the ladies would get turned up for all the package he was working with. Yes, his milkshake was bringing all the girls to the yard. The 34-year-old star was only 18 in the clip, but he moves like a man twice that age. I'm sure he started moving like that once puberty hit. Jesus. This man needs to get cloned. We need a "Chan Crawford" at every dance club in the nation.

The club's owner London Steele told US Weekly, "He was shy at first, but he really knew how to work the stage." He was shy? Bueno, it looks like he got over that pretty quickly. Steele must have made back with Tatum working there. I'm sure he had his regulars. If I wasn't a dorky preteen back then, I would have been swinging his dollars in his direction. I hope my mom isn't reading this.

At the end of the video, Tatum is dancing by himself in a neon thong and socks. Anyone else would look super awkward, but he pulls it off like no other. Hopefully this means more videos like this one end up getting leaked. I mean, it won't be violating since he pretty much took it all off for billetes anyway. He likes shaking it and we love watching! Works for me. 

Us Weekly - Ladies! Channing Tatum Strips at Age 18 In Flashback Video

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