Mario Lopez had sex with Britney Spears?!

Mario LopezOMG, you guys! Mario Lopez recently released his memoir Just Between Us and I told you that I was curious because it sounds all kinds of juicy. Well, son of gun if it hasn't just gotten a whole lot jucier. See, part of what he reveals in the memoir is that he had a one night stand in Vegas with a mystery mega pop star. Of course everyone and their abuela wants Lopez to say who the pop star is, but he has remained gentlemanly and kept it to himself. Well, the name is out! Multiple chismosos have confirmed to Us Weekly that Mario Lopez had a one night stand with Britney Spears! Say WHAT?!


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That is so NOT even a mega pop star I had considered being a possibility! Lopez said that the romp took place many years ago in Vegas. He told  Ellen Degeneres in an interview, "I'm trying not to give too much away without giving too much away. It was maybe six or seven years ago… eight years ago?"

When this hook-up supposedly happened both Lopez and Spears were single, so they were both consenting single adults having some adult fun in Sin City. Nothing wrong with that, but still quite the bit of hot chisme, no? Britney and Mario, who would have thunk it?

When Lopez was chatting with Degeneres on her show, he also told her that he and his mega pop star fling are still "friendly" whatever that means. It should be noted that in December of 2013, Mario Lopez got onstage during the opening night of Britney: Piece of Me in Vegas. That seems friendly, no?

Mario Lopez and Britney Spears

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