Meet the Latino man who wants to become the devil in the flesh!

Caim Mortis has spent eleven years of his life modifying his body to look like the devil. It's horrifying and you truly won't believe your eyes when you see the video below. The man tattooed has even tattoed his EYES so that they are completely black. He also has horns protruding from his head and arms and has sharpened his teeth. The crazy Colombian born tattoo and makeup artist moved from the country after he was rejected by his Catholic parents and now lives in Mexico.


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Body piercing, tattoos and modifications has been around for years before Robert Ripley was around traveling the world, exploring and collecting "the bizarre". I'm sure he must be turning in his grave because he missed the real life devil! Caim, which I'm sure is not his real name, had spent a lot of money trying to look like the devil himself. I wonder why? Maybe he wanted to rebel against his family's religion and decided to go completely the opposite way. I mean, the man is freaky!

Caim wanted to be unique and stand out from the crowd, and trust me, he achieved that successfully. He is now devoted to do that for other people. He became a tattoo and makeup artist because he wants to help others find their own voice and appearance. When his family rejected him, he moved to Mexico because people there were more accepting and he needed room to express himself freely. He doesn't sound like a crazy dude, and everything he says is true but why the devil? Also, his name sounds a lot like Cain, who went down in history as the most hated man because he killed his brother!

This Halloween is a very important date for Caim because he is finally pursuing his passion for music and launching his career as a DJ. He will dress as himself (the devil) and perform on stage with Mexican DJ "Gisella" who will dress like an angel. He wants to make people dance, party and celebrate the haunted day with his Latin-electronic music infusions and I'm sure it will be a hit! Without further ado, meet Caim Mortis, the devil in human form.

Image via Corbis

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