Wife gives the funniest answer EVER on 'Family Feud'

Family Feud is just one of those shows that keeps on giving. In a funny Family Feud clip, one woman gave the funniest and most sincere answer when host Steve Harvey asked, "If you could change one part of your husband's body, what would it be?" The show's objective is to give the most popular answer provided by 100 people surveyed. A contestant named Joyce rang the buzzer and bluntly responded, "His penis." Oh, the joyful awkwardness.


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The studio grew silent for a moment after Joyce blurted out her answer, but it was soon filled with uncontrollable laughter. The funniest part is that the woman continues repeating, "His penis, his penis!" as if she was stuck on repeat mode. The camera quickly pans to her husband Pete, who seems to be enjoying the comedic relief. Except for the fact that he probably just died inside after his manhood was castrated in front of millions. Pobrecito. I guess he figured "better to laugh with them?" No mi'jo, you're the butt of the joke! 

I can picture their ride home after they wrapped the show. You know, having to ask your wife who just humiliated you on television, "Honey, what is wrong with my penis?" Hopefully he just had a sense of humor about it, but most men wouldn't. The beauty about Joyce is that she probably revealed what countless of women really wanted to respond to the answer.

"You were thinking it," she told Steve. Nope, wrong again. The game show host made fun of Pete's "happy tie" and said, "He is having a bad day." Ay, this poor man keeps getting smacked with insults and probably walked away with zero dollars in his pocket...and no dignity.

Could Joyce be regretting her answer right about now? I sincerely doubt it. She just looked like she was having way too much fun. 

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