Nowadays, it seems like there is a new nude celebrity photo scandal every week! Between Kim Kardashian, Maite Perroni and Rihanna, all of these stars have fallen victim to having explicit photos leaked without their consent. Well, whether they intended for the racy photos to leak is subjective. We all know plenty of these stars actually become more famous once a scandal like this hits their resume. 

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Let's refresh your memory with some of the most highly profiled celeb nude photos that have been leaked. 

--With additional reporting by Tanisha Love Ramirez and Michelle Regalado

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Selena Gomez 1

Selena Gomez

Image via Selena Gomez/Instagram

Back in August, topless photos of a woman baring an uncanny resemblance to Selenita were leaked via a hacked phone. However the singer's rep adamantly denies that the nip pics are of the "Come & Get It" singer. Talk about a PR nightmare!


Rihanna 2


Image via Rihanna/Twitter

The Good Girl Gone Bad singer had nude photos leaked back in 2009, the same year she ended her relationship with Chris Brown. Many suspected that the scorned ex could have been the source to the racy pics being revealed to the world. 


Jennifer Lopez 3

Jennifer Lopez

Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

J.Lo's topless photos reportedly date way back to 2005, around the time Lopez released her CD Rebirth. In the pictures, Lopez appears topless and reportedly attempts (but mostly fails) to cover her breasts with her hair and arms. The snapshots were allegedly taken to be included in part of the CD's packaging, but Lopez later changed her mind and decided against using them.

Maite Perroni 4

Maite Perroni

Image via Maite Perroni/Instagram

The La Gata telenovela actress confirmed via Facebook that someone broke into her Twitter account and leaked a topless photo that was allegedly the Mexican beauty. The hacker also changed her profile picture to a mystery woman's derriere and switched her bio to read, "The actress worked her way up through the legs of many executives." 


Kim Kardashian 5

Kim Kardashian

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Nude scandals seem to follow Kim K everywhere she goes. Earlier this summer, the reality television star was among a new wave of celebs that had fallen victim to having their nude photos leaked by a mysterious hacker. It can't be any worse than her famous sex tape, right? 


Demi Lovato 6

Demi Lovato

Image via

Demi's no stranger to nude photo scandals. The Disney star has had the misfortune of having sexy shots of her leaked online several times over, including a series of very intimate shots of Demi in bed with her rumored novio Wilmer Valderrama.



Snooki 7


Image via Snooki/Instagram

The Chilean-born Jersey Shore star actually had TWO nude photo scandals! The first happened in April 2010 when a photo leaked of her posed on all fours; the second came out in 2013 and featured the pint-sized reality TV star nude under a robe. Her reps claimed that these were "old and personal photos that were not meant for the public."

Geraldo Rivera 8

Geraldo Rivera

Image via Twitter

Geraldo Rivera shocked (and horrified) the whole world last month when he tweeted out this selfie of himself, with the caption, "70 is the new 50." He really turned some viejitas on with this pic!


Adrienne Bailon 9

Adrienne Bailon

Image via Adrienne Bailon/Instagram

Although her romance with Rob Kardashian fizzled, a few months later sexy pics were somehow leaked from Adrienne's laptop--putting her name on the internet map. Thankfully that is all behind her now. 

Vanessa Hudgens 10

Vanessa Hudgens

Image via Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram

Back in 2007, the Disney star shocked the world when nude photos of her leaked on the internet. "I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos," she released in a statement. 


Jessica Alba 11

Jessica Alba

Image via Jessica Alba/Instagram


In photos that were probably meant for hubby Cash Warren's eyes only, the half-Mexican star's computer was hacked and photos of her showing off her then-growing baby bump (with daughter Honor Marie) and pulling down her shirt to expose a nipple were released. These photos leaked in 2010 and appear to be the work of a hacker who broke into a few other celebrity accounts and leaked many other nude pics.


Christina Aguilera 12

Christina Aguilera

Image via Getty Images

The half-Ecuadorian singer's world was shaken in 2010, when semi-nude photos were stolen from her stylist's computer and leaked online. Although she's no stranger to dressing provocatively, in a statement to the press her reps called the act "reprehensible" and swore to identify "the hackers and pursue them aggressively." 


Sofia Vergara 13

Sofia Vergara

Image via Sofia Vergara/Instagram

Sofia Vergara's ex Nick Loeb lost his phone back in 2012, which reportedly had some pretty personal photos of the Modern Family star on it. Though the person who found it and managed to hack into it threatened to release the pictures for a price, Vergara's legal team was able to prevent it from happening. 

Keke Palmer 14

Keke Palmer

Image via Keke Palmer/Instagram

The Cinderalla Broadway star was among several celebs who had nude photos leaked by a hacker earlier this summer. She is moving on and doesn't seem to be sweating it one bit! 


Amber Rose 15

Amber Rose

Image via Amber Rose/Instagram

Wiz Khalifa's ex had nude photos leaked of her twice back in 2011. She sure knows how to keep our attention! Could she be trying to compete with her ex Kanye West's new love Kim K?