Check out Shakira's striptease (VIDEO)

No one sells whitening strips as well as Shakira does. The Colombian star cracks a smile and you are instantly wondering how you could get those pearly whites. In Shakira's new OralB commercial, the singer is playing up her marketing skills to the fullest with a little playful striptease. This was definitely shot before she was pregnant with her second child! 


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Although we have been seeing more of Shaki in Crest, OralB and Activia commercials, the "Waka Waka" pop star has been keeping a low profile since she announced her pregnancy earlier this year. Shakira and her longtime boyfriend Gerard Pique are expecting their second baby in January 2015.

"Now that I'm pregnant I'm trying, for the first time in my life, to not do so many things at the same time," Shakira told ET. "Although, it's always difficult and issues get in the way even when you don't want them to. But the majority of the time I do dedicate myself to taking care of my belly, my pregnancy, [and] of Milan."

I'm not sure how she manages to balance life, career and family, but I'm glad to hear she makes a conscious effort to switch off from the public from time to time. Of course, she still has to take care of her endorsements since raising two kids costs lots of dinero. Shakira may also want to have more kids in the future. She told the entertainment outlet, "With Gerard I'd have 20 children but I don't think I'll have the luxury to do it. For now we're going for the second one, we'll see what happens. We'll see if one day we get a girl. We'll see!"

They make some beautiful babies so I say keep spreading the good genes! Shakira also plans on working on her new Spanish album after the baby is born. She knows when to take her breaks and when to hustle. Shakira is also a pro at being sexy without showing butt cheeks like other pop divas. I admire that. You don't have to be half naked to get our attention or get us to want white teeth... 

Image via YouTube