Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan splits from NBA star Matt Barnes

A Basketball Wives star will soon be newly single. Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes have officially called it quits. The couple got married in a lavish seaside wedding in Santa Barbara, California back in 2013. According to TMZ, Gloria and the NBA player have been separated for about six weeks and the Latina beauty has been photographed without her ring on several occasions. Word is that the couple split due to "trust issues," which is a nice way of saying someone probably cheated.


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It seems like both of them are trying to move on quickly. Barnes has apparently moved out of their home and recently posted photos of his new place. It's always sad to see couples like this one split ,especially since they have 5-year-old twin boys together. Hopefully they are able to co-parent and things don't get too ugly after the divorce. This could end up being great material for reality television. Maybe she could even get a spin-off about her life after divorce. Vh1 executives are probably brainstorming as we speak.

Gloria and Matt hit a rocky road in the past when they called off their first wedding in 2010. They kept working at their relationship and seemed happy for a while. Whatever went wrong, couldn't have come at a worst time. Gloria's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and recently underwent surgery. "Thank you for the prayers and thoughts everyone...10 hours later @mommagovan is at the ICU and so far it's been a successful surgery," she posted.

I hope Gloria gets the support she needs and heals from this divorce before moving on with someone new. Of course, these are celebs so that part is wishful thinking.

Image via Getty Images, Gloria Govan/Instagram

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