Maite Perroni caught in nude photo scandal

Another day, another celebrity nude photo scandal. Maite Perroni is the latest victim to be targeted by a perverted hacker. The La Gata telenovela actress confirmed via Facebook that someone broke into her Twitter account and leaked a topless photo that was allegedly the Mexican beauty. The hacker proceeded to post even more nastiness about the star. Why is it suddenly a trend to invade these women in such a disgusting way?


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Before asking fans who wanted to see a topless photo of Maite Perroni, the hacker also changed her profile picture to a mystery woman's derriere. The hacker then switched her bio to read, "The actress worked her way up through the legs of many executives." This is so disgusting to me. You already violate her by hacking into her account and posting a topless photo, but then you also insinuate that she slept her way up. Maite's Univision telenovela is among one of the top rated series out right now. She is talented in her own right and her acting skills are proof enough.

Maite posted to fans on Facebook:

My Twitter account has been hacked. Don't pay attention to the posts. I haven't opened a new account either. I'll let you know about any changes through official media. Thanks for your understanding.

She was a lady about the entire thing! This is so mean and violating. I agree with Jennifer Lawrence about these nude photo leaks being a sex crime. J.Law also had revealing photos leaked and has made it a point to speak out without sugar coating the issue. I love her for that.

I believe more of these celeb women should join forces and end this trend for good. They may not be able to stop the hackers, but they could influence how the public consumes this stuff. Audiences give these hackers power too. If we see these women as the sisters, daughters and mothers then maybe these hacks would have a totally different meaning.

Image via Maite Perroni/Instagram

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