Did Enrique Iglesias dump Anna Kournikova for Eiza Gonzalez​?

Eiza GonzalezOMG, amigas!  Grab a cafecito and settle on in for a good ol' fashioned round of chisme with me, why don't you?! This chisme is about Enrique Iglesias and what is brewing in his love life. Usually I stay away from this kind of news because, as I'm sure you've noticed, the singer has been dating former tennis player Anna Kournikova for like 12 years now and there are always rumors that they are breaking up. Nothing new there, but  then I caught a glimpse of Enrique Iglesias singing to Eiza Gonzalez. Some pretty racy lyrics from "Bailando" at that and now I'm wondering whether the break up rumors are true this time.


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So the most recent chisme has been that Kournikova broke up with Iglesias because he won't propse to her. I didn't make much of that because you would think that if marriage is all that important to her then she wouldn't have waited 12 years to get pissed at the lack of a proposal. I mean if not being married is a deal breaker for her don't you think the deal would have been broken a long time ago? 

Okay, so there's all of the above, but then the gorgeous Eiza Gonzalez posted the following clip of Iglesias singing directly to her during a concert. He sang, right in her face or more like right into her camera phone, "Con tu física y tu química, y también tu anatomía, la cerveza y el tequila, y tu boca con la mía, ya no puedo más." I'm not going to translate the whole thing, but basically he's looking right at Eiza Gonzalez and singing that she's hot and blah di blah di blah, he just can't take it. Check out the clip! 


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Now, of course the metiche in me is probably reading more into this than necessary, but can you blame me? First I read that Iglesias and Kournikova are at splitsville and then I see this clip. A brain can't help but associate one story involving Enrique Iglesias and a beautiful woman and another story involving Enrique Iglesias and another beautiful woman. Must be hard to be just one Enrique Iglesias when there are so many beautiful women around. Pobrecito!

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