Jane the Virgin recap: Immaculate conceptions & ex-boyfriends complicate perfect Jane's life

One of the most highly anticipated is the CW's Jane The Virgin. The premise is simple: an aspiring writer, Jane Villanueva, is mistakenly artificially inseminated by her doctor on the eve of her boyfriend's proposal. What unfolds is a hilarious and poignant ride with a smoking hot bilingual cast to sweeten the mix.


First we meet the matriarchal Villanuevas: Jane (the radiant and original, Gina Rodriguez), her mother Xiomara (the perfectly cast, Andrea Navedo), and her grandmother Alba (the impeccable Ivonne Coll). Alba uses a white flower to show Jane the consequences of losing her virginity and sheimmediately makes a pact to not have sex until she is married. This decision is made even easier for her by the fact that her own mother had her as a teen, and it made all of their lives pretty diificult. Problem is, she's only ten years old! Fast forward to present day, and the three matriarchs are watching telenovelas, as Jane laments how they have totally "destroyed romance" for her.

From Jane's working class home we head on over to the luxurious Miami beach hotel, where we are meet Rafael (the charming Justin Baldoni), a hotel owner and cancer survivor, his conniving wife Petra (Yael Grobglas), and his lesbian sister Luisa Alver. Beautiful on the outside, Rafael and Petra's marriage is rotting from within. Rafael is scared to leave Petra, while unbeknownst to him, Petra is sleeping with his best friend and hotel manager Roman (Alano Miller). In a desperate attempt to hold on to Rafael's money, Petra wants to artificially inseminate herself with Rafael's sperm.

However, when Luisa walks in on her own wife having an affair, each character's life takes a dramatic turn. Luisa wakes up the next morning and in shock and trauma, and as a result, makes the biggest mistake of her life: she artificially inseminates Jane with her brother Rafael's sperm. In an instant, our two worlds are knotted together and the story begins.

To make things more complicated: Jane's boyfriend, a sweet cop named Michael, proposes to Jane on the same day. When she reveals the shocking truth: he gives her an ultimatum, he'll marry her, but not with her carrying another man's child. Armed with the option to keep or let go of the fetus, Jane must decide what to do.

Raised with her abuela's Christian traditions, but herself a product of a teenage pregnancy and an absent father--Jane has a major moral dilemma. When she learns that this baby could be Rafael's only chance at ever having a baby, she chooses to go through with the pregnancy for him and Petra, having been sold the lie of their perfect marriage. Jane re-proposes to her boyfriend Michael, under the condition that he support the adoption process, and he magically does!

Oh, I almost forgot the best part. Because this is based on a Spanish telenovela, of course there has to be a totally fantastical plot twist! Jane and her new baby daddy, Rafael already know each other. Years ago, when they were both teenagers, she worked at a club where he was a member. They shared one long conversation that ended in a kiss, only to have Rafael never call her again. They come face to face again when Jane discovers she works as an employee at his new hotel. With all that history, they're now forced together again, this time with a baby with their shared DNA growing inside Jane.

As if the premiere episode couldn't get juicier, Jane's immature and boy crazy mother, Xiomara, makes a shocking discovery about Jane's father. Her teenage boyfriend is now Rogelio, the telenovela heart throb, whom the three Villanueva women religiously watch on TV. Just sixteen months before Jane's insemination, Xiomara wrote Rogelio and revealed the truth about Jane. Now Rogelio wants to meet his daughter.

All of this happened and it's only episode one! Get ready for the ride and to fall in love with Jane the Virgin.


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