5 Reasons Why You'll Fall in Love with ABC's 'Cristela'

This spring, I had the pleasure to attend the live taping of "Cristela," the new ABC series, created, starring, and written by comedian Cristela Alonzo. I had never heard of Cristela Alonzo. I had read nothing about the show. I left surprised, inspired, and a devoted fan. As a writer, creator, and actor myself, I could not get "Cristela" out of my mind.


When her series premieres on Friday, October 10th at 8:30pm it will be the first show on network television created by, written by, and starring a Latina: a wise-cracking, working class, full-figured, self-made, smart, beautiful and funny Latina. 

Here are five reasons why I love "Cristela" and think you should too. 

1. Cristela is a proud feminist: In the series premiere she isn't afraid to speak her mind, talking back to both her macho brother-in-law and racist white boss, encouraging her niece to choose soccer over cheer-leading, and hitting on her male co-worker with pride.  She drinks beer like a dude and follows her dream to be a lawyer no matter what setbacks are in her way.

2. Cristela is a real woman with curves: In a world where Latinas are displayed on a pedestal on prime time TV (thank you Sofia Vergara), Cristela is curvy and unapologetic. She's like a combination of Lena Dunham and Mindy Kaling, but her character isn't naïve or superficial. She's got brains and brass. She makes me proud to be a Latina.

3. Cristela is not afraid to talk about race: Cristela comments about race with ease and humor. From telling her racist Texas boss, "you have a lot to learn too," and calling out his daughter when she mistakes Cristela for both a maid and a valet, Cristela points a spotlight on race-based discrimination without being a "soap-box" show. She says what's on all of our minds but we're too afraid to say out loud. 

4. Cristela is about family: Cristela features a multi-generational Mexican family living under one roof. That's right! Cristela, a law student, lives with her mother, her sister and brother in law, her niece, nephew, and occasionally her brother-in-law's cousin, in her sister and brother-in-laws house. Sound familiar? Watch it with your family and you'll all have something to laugh about.

5. Cristela is unapologetically working-class: Not since Roseanne have I witnessed  a series featuring a real working-class family, with out pretension, as the center of the story, not the brunt of the joke. In a television world overpopulated by wealthy, privileged families, Cristela is a breath of fresh air, no matter where you're from. 

Please tune in, spread the word, and support this groundbreaking show.

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