Luis Fonsi shares first photos of his wedding!

Welcome to newlywed heaven! Luis Fonsi got married to the beautiful 31-year-old model Agueda Lopez in a private ceremony last month. Now Fonsi is revealing all of the wedding details to fans in the latest issues of People en Español. The Boricua pop star tweeted a romantic photo of the couple embracing on their wedding day, but wait until you see Luis and Agueda posing with their adorable 3-year-old daughter Mikaela. Our hearts melted! 


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Mikaela may look like her dad, but she definitely gets her model swagger from her mom! The family looked beautiful together for Luis Fonsi and Agueda Lopez's vineyard wedding in Napa Valley, California. In the interview, Fonsi reveals, "Seeing my little girl walking in white with her mom is an image that I will never forget." How sweet!

Luis Fonsi tried his hardest to keep the ceremony out of the limelight. He previously told the magazine, "It's coming. That's coming. I'm never going to hide anything. It'll be this year, it'll be soon," he said. "It'll be very private. It'll be beautiful, but it'll be a family affair." By the looks of it, it was truly a breathtaking occasion. Agueda looks amazing in her dress and her red floral bouquet makes her entire look pop even more.

Luis also opened up about his love for his wife and said, "It's something you feel from the heart. When you feel like everything is lining up you just have to go with it." Agueda also had beautiful words about her husband and the father of her daughter. "I know I have met the man of my dreams and my soul mate," she gushed.

We are so happy for the lovely couple! 

Images via People en Español, Luis Fonsi/Facebook, Getty Images

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