Elizabeth Gutierrez takes William Levy back for the kids

WLpostJust when we thought Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy's relationship status was officially over, we are proven wrong. The Mexican beauty hasn't given up on her longtime really rocky relationship with the Cuban hunk. Let's not forget, Levy was photographed hooking up with his telenovela co-star and former Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete (while he thought no one was looking). His affair rumors with Ximena should have been the icing on the cake since he also allegedly hooked up with Maite Perroni when they filmed Triunfo del amor. Seriously, what is Elizabeth thinking, taking him back? 


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Elizabeth and William were recently spotted getting cozy while taking their kids to Disneyland. Staying together for the sake of the kids is never the way to go. What are they going to learn about love and being faithful when they get older? Is a cheating partner and a wife that looks the other way really the example you want to set for loving relationships? Their two kids Kailey and Christopher just need two committed parents that are willing to co-parent and keep the peace.

When Elizabeth took William back earlier this year (yes, we have lost count already), a source revealed to TV Notas, "Love blinds her and she's determined to keep her family together, that's why she works really hard to be the perfect wife and mother, so she won't leave him. She'll never get tired of defending him saying that what they say about his and Ximena is just gossip." 

No. Elizabeth needs to gain more self-love and admit to herself that this is an unhealthy pattern. She did break off her engagement with Levy at one point so I know she has hit her breaking point more than once. If William hasn't learned how to treat her by now, he probably never will give her the respect she deserves. There is just no excuse for putting up with a man like that...no matter how hot he is. 

Images via Elizabeth Gutierrez, William Levy/Instagram

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