Nick Cannon reveals astonishing tattoo covering Mariah's name​

Nick Cannon gets rid of Mariah tattooWhen I found out that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are getting divorced, my first thought wasn't about them or dem babies, it was about Nick Cannon's GOD-awful Mariah tattoo. That thing is massive and spells out Mariah's name across Nick's shoulders and who the heck is going to want their ex's name taking up prime body art real estate? Well, Nick Cannon had a plan all along. According to TMZ Nick Cannon has turned the Mariah tattoo into Jesus on the cross. Oh yeah!


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So on Thursday, Nick was at the Playhouse in Hollywood celebrating his birthday and he took off his shirt. Why? Because he's a celebrity, he works out and probably asked himself, "What would Matthew McConaughey do?" Anyway, the shirt came off and in the spot where everyone was expecting to see the tatt of "Mariah" what was seen was an even larger tatt of Jesus on the cross with angel wings coming out of the cross. Wow!

TMZ has a picture of the tattoo, but I'm not gonna lie, it's very hard to make out. What you can make out is that it is definitely not Mariah on Nick's back anymore. It's a little funny and sad at the same time. Separation confirmation via body art removal or modification is becoming a thing among famous couples, no?

I found this video on Instagram of Nick at the aforementioned Playhouse and you get a glimpse of his back and the new tattoo at one point when he turns. Check it out:


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It makes sense that Nick would not want to have Mariah emblazoned on his back anymore and that he went with a religious motif is sort of suiting because the next time he's tempted to ink a romantic partner's name on his body, I really hope that Jesus helps him change his mind.

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