Jennifer Lopez finally responds to Diddy's comments about her butt​

I wasn't surprised when I heard all those really nice comments Sean "Diddy" Combs recently made about his ex, Jennifer Lopez. It's been years since they've been together (remember they dated back in the late 90s), but Jennifer clearly left a lasting impression because not only is he still talking about her, he's talking about her butt too! He even called it "a work of art" and said Kim Kardashian's butt by no means compares. But wait until you hear J.Lo's response to all that!


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Diddy made the comment while on Access Hollywood after Billy Bush and Kit Hoover played J.Lo's "Booty" video. "Oh my god. I'm so lucky to have that great woman in my history, she is one of the greatest I've ever seen," he said after watching the video.

Jennifer had nothing but good things to say back about Diddy. She was on Access Hollywood herself responding to his gushing comments. "We spent three years of our lives together, you know, almost every single day," she told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson. "As much as he roots for me and as proud as he is of me and of the time we had together, I am just as proud to see what he's done. Seeing him involved in Revolt and all the things that he's done as a business man and still being so true to his music and his art trying to uplift his community in his own way, and it's the same thing that I try to do and I feel like I learned a lot from him coming up, watching him," she said. Aww, how sweet!

Okay enough already, do these two still have feelings for each other or not? I'm not sure, but Jennifer definitely said something that might just suggest she does at least. "I'll always be grateful to him for that and I love that he can be so supportive of me so many years later and that there's still so much mutual respect, admiration and love there." You see, there's still some love there. I don't know if it's enough for them to actually get back together, but there are definitely feelings on both ends.

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