Esteban Loaiza confirms his girlfriend is Cristina Eustace

Surprise, surprise! Jenni Rivera's ex Esteban Loaiza has a new girlfriend. The 42-year-old baseball pitcher is dating singer Cristina Eustace. The new couple reportedly started dating months ago, but the Objetivo Fama winner recently confirmed the romance on her Instagram. She apparently has a totally different view of Esteban than the Rivera family does.  


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As a flashback, Esteban and Jenni got married in 2010 and things turned really ugly just months before her tragic death. La Diva de la Banda filed for divorce in October 2012 and there were plenty of rumors swirling that the Mexican athlete was unfaithful. The chismes got even darker when word spread that Esteban was having an affair with Jenni's daughter Chiquis. Both parties denied the allegations, but whatever Esteban did was harsh enough for Jenni to cut ties with him for good.

With all that said, Cristina might be walking into dangerous territory, but right now she is clearly in a honeymoon stage. Cristina confirmed that she is dating Esteban Loaiza and wrote:

And this is why I didn't want to say anything about my relationship…God has brought me an angel. God showed us not to judge! I don't judge anyone's past—only their present with me. The only qualities I have seen in my boyfriend are kindness, humility and a willingness to help others with his celebrity. On my part, I won't take all of the bullying and negative comments to heart.

Cristina continued to write about her music career and what she stands for. Could someone say shameless plug? I'm glad that she is willing to overlook someone's past, but does she also know that he was arrested for hanging out with prostitutes in Tijuana? Yes, he is that type of creeper. I mean, I would advise Cristina to tread lightly, but it is kind of already late for that.   

Images via Getty Images, Cristina Eustace/Instagram

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