eva mendes raquel welchI know they say everyone has a twin out there, but is it possible to have one across several generations? If you're Eva Mendes, it is. The 40-year-old new mom is the spitting image half-Mexican actress Raquel Welch. The similarities between the two Latina bombshells are pretty uncanny, especially when you look at old pics of the now 74-year-old Raquel. They look just alike, right down to their almond shaped eyes, down-turned noses, and sultry pouts. They even favor the same big, voluminous hairstyles, for Pedro's sake! 

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Incredibly, Eva and Raquel aren't the only generation-hopping doppelgangers. If I didn't know better, I could swear all 10 of these modern day Latina celebrities were old school Hollywood starlets reincarnated. 

Rita Moreno and Eva Longoria 1

Rita Moreno and Eva Longoria

Images via Rita Moreno/Facebook, Getty

Eva shares Rita heart-shaped face and button nose. Here's to hoping she doesn't share her love life! 


Dolores del Rio and Morena Baccarin 2

Dolores del Rio and Morena Baccarin

Images via Jack Samuels/Flickr, Getty

What are the chances Mexican film star Dolores del Rio got reincarnated as a Brazilian television star? Morena has Doleres' pert nariz, cupid's bow lips, and refined jawline. And don't even get me started on their perfectly matched manes! 


Raquel Welch and Eva Mendes 3

Raquel Welch and Eva Mendes

Images via Sodahead.com, Getty

Eva stole Raquel's entire face! If Raquel's pic wasn't in black and white, I would swear it was a snap of Ryan Gosling's baby momma. 

Sophia Loren and Sofia Vergara 4

Sophia Loren and Sofia Vergara

Image via chicvintagebrides/Facebook, Getty

Sophia and Sofia look alike, dress alike, and even have the same name. There's no denying that they were both cut from the same fabulous cloth. 



Rita Hayworth and Thalia 5

Rita Hayworth and Thalia

Images via wikpedia, Getty

How could anyone not realize that Rita Hayworth was Mexican? She looks just like one of Mexico's biggest stars, Thalia!


Audrey Hepburn and Penelope Cruz 6

Audrey Hepburn and Penelope Cruz

Images via fanpop.com, Getty

Breakfast at Penelope's, anyone? The Spanish actress is a dead ringer for classic movie icon Audrey Hepburn. 


La Lupe and Lauren Velez 7

La Lupe and Lauren Velez

Images via allmusic.com, Lauren Velez/Twitter

Boricua actress Loren Velez actually has a twin sister, so I guess that means La Lupe is their triplet. 

Nichelle Nichols and Zoe Saldana 8

Lieutenant Uhura hasn't changed much over the years. Zoe looks a heck of a lot like Nichelle Nichols, the woman who played Uhura in the television series before the boricua-dominicana actress reprised the role for the big screen.



Maria Felix and Ximena 9

Maria Felix and Ximena

Images via nyork.cervantes.es, benitosantosoficial/Instagram

It's no wonder designer Benito Santos asked Ximena to channel Maria Felix in his latest ad campaign. She's the spitting image of La Doña!


Phylicia Rashad and Gina Torres 10

Phylicia Rashad and Gina Torres

Imges via RottenTomatoes.com, Getty

These two have so much in common, In addition to sharing the same eyes, smile, and beautiful skin tone, they both played lawyers on television.