Mario Lopez gets real about cheating past​

Mario Lopez's ex Ali Landry must be cringing right now. The 40-year-old hunk recently sat down with Howard Stern for an intimate interview about his past relationships and what made him fall in love with his wife and the mother of his two kids, Courtney Mazza. Lopez notoriously cheated on Landry, which ended their short-lived marriage back in 2004. Now Mario Lopez is giving advice on staying faithful and opening up about way more. Oh, this should be interesting…


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When asked about settling down and meeting "the one," Lopez revealed:

I really don't think people change. I think they are who they are, but I think you grow up and stuff sorta gets redundant and I also don't think it's about meeting the right person. Everyone says it's about meeting the right person. It's really--as corny as it sounds--it's really about the timing in your life.

He is really pushing to abolish the saying, "Once a cheater always a cheater." I am not a fan of no-good Casanovas out there, but I have to say that some men do mature once they get older and are capable of changing their ways. That doesn't mean you have to stay with him if you are the one being cheated on! There is a possibility that he is totally faithful to Courtney. I mean, I doubt she would be with him if he was out there running around on her.

Mario did have sweet things to say about his wife. At one point he explained, "The timing in your life as an individual, the timing in the other person's, it's really gotta make sense. And I was so blessed to meet my wife when I did." He definitely scored some points at home with that one.

One eyebrow-raising moment was when Mario admitted to staying friends with his exes. He revealed:

I get along with most all my exes. I've always had the kind of attitude that they were a part of your life and there's no reason why you can't not be friends.

I wonder what Courtney really thinks about that! I wouldn't want his ex-girlfriend Karina Smirnoff from DWTS being friendly with him if I were Courtney. Especially not with the chemistry they had on the dance floor.

Listen in to the clips below and let us know what you think!  

On staying friends with exes...

On staying faithful...

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