Eva Longoria is in love and ready for a fresh start! The Latina actress is reportedly getting rid of her tattoos, including some dedicated to ex-husband Tony Parker, to show her new boyfriend José "Pepe" Antonio Baston that she is serious about their romance. A source told OK! Magazine, "Pepe's been telling her that she would be more beautiful and sophisticated with clean skin." 

Bueno, I have a problem with him already. If Eva loves her tattoos then who cares what he has to say about it! The chismoso insider also revealed, "Eva's not into tats anymore. She's annoyed that she got them in the first place." Well, then, that's a different story. 

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Eva has already gotten rid of her number nine tattoo on her wrist, which was symbolic of her wedding anniversary to Parker. She also has a tattoo on the nape of her neck and on her back. I doubt she'll regret getting them removed as long as she is doing it for herself and not because her man told her to. 

The 39-year-old isn't the only celeb who has had tattoo regret. Here are a twelve other stars who got tattooed for love. Most of them headed to splitsville so you know they are regretting it now! --Additional reporting by Michelle Regalado & Johanna Ferreira

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Adrienne Bailon 1

Adrienne Bailon

Images via Extra TV

If you recall, the 30-year-old singer dated Rob Kardashian almost six years ago and during that time had tattooed his name on her booty. Bailon, who attempted to remove the ink in the past unsuccessfully, tried again now and it was all captured on entertainment show, Extra's cameras.


Khloe Kardashian 2

Khloe Kardashian

Image via Getty Images

The youngest Kardashian sister got inked one month after getting married to Lamar Odom. She got L.O tattooed on her right hand while Lamar got K.O on his. Khloe filed for divorce in December 2013. I'm sure she's regretting that tat now...


Zoe Saldana & Marc Perego 3

Zoe Saldana & Marc Perego

Image via Us Weekly

The couple had a whirlwind romance folllowed by a top-secret marriage ceremony! Perego also showed his love in another way--with a large tattoo of a woman's face that looks an awful lot like that of his famous wife and mother to be!

Amber Rose 4

Amber Rose

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Wiz Khalifa's former flame honored the rapper by getting a tattoo of his face on her arm. The couple announced their split last month after he was allegedly caught cheating with twin models. I'm sure she wishes she could burn the tat off now! 


Heidi Klum 5

Heidi Klum

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The fashion icon got her then husband Seal's name tattooed on her forearm and would add a star after each anniversary. Klum filed for divorce in April 2012. 


Marc Anthony 6

Marc Anthony

Image via Getty Images

Marc Anthony got the name Jennifer inked on his wrist for his famous ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez.


Christina Aguilera 7

Christina Aguilera

Image via Getty Images

After getting married to ex-husband Jordan Bratman, Aguilera got an excerpt from Hebrew psalm tattooed on her lower back, which translates into "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."

Chad Johnson 8

Chad Johnson

Image via Twitter

Chad Johnson got a tattoo of his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada's face on his leg even after she filed for divorce.


Melanie Griffith 9

Melanie Griffith

Image via Usmagazine.com

It's hard to miss the tattoo Griffith had on her arm that read "Antonio" while she was married to Antonio Banderas. They recently called it quits after 18 years of marriage which was sad to hear, but looks like she wanted to get rid of her ink ASAP. She was spotted with the tattoo removed shortly after they called it quits.

Penelope Cruz 10

Penelope Cruz

Image via Getty Images

The Spanish actress got "883" inked near her right ankle while she was dating Tom Cruise. Many suspected that the mystery numbers had something to do with Scientology, but apparently they are just her lucky numbers. 


Kat Von D 11

Kat Von D

Image via Instagram

Tattoo artist got a portrait of her ex, Jesse James, when he was younger tattoed on her arm. After they split, she documented herself getting it removed!

Mariah Carey 12

Mariah Carey

Image via Us Weekly

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon--the only couple from this list who are still together!--got tattoos of each other's names after they were married. Mariah got a butterfly with "Mrs. Canon" in the middle on her lower back and Nick got "MARIAH" tattooed across his upper back.