Telenovela stars lived with cockroaches and rats for months!

Believe it or not, life can get real for these telenovela actors. Sure, most of them go on liquid diets and get a bunch of plastic surgery to look picture perfect on-screen, but the call-sheet got even more serious for the stars on the hit telenovela, La Gata. Actors Maite Perroni and Daniel Arenas were forced to live in a basurero or a landfill during filming. These scenes weren't filmed overnight either so they spent months living in squalor. This just sounds way worse than the reality show Survivor


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There is no amount of money in the world you could pay me to live in a garbage dump, but I'm pretty sure these guys did it for the love of acting. Well, and the giant paycheck too.

I wish I could say La Gata has a unique storyline, but it is your typical dichotomy of poor girl meets rich man and they fall madly in love. Of course, they come across crazy obstacles and she ends up pregnant with his twins. Oh, the drama and suspense!

Arenas recently opened up about filming the adapted telenovela and said:

It was difficult working in a landfill among roaches and rats. Once I got there, the stench was just so strong. I saw how people eat from the trash and live surrounded by this filth.

I can just imagine these pretty people getting smacked in the face by the unbearable odor of crap. Their nose hairs probably burned off instantly. Pobrecitos. I do admire that the producers would want to stay true to the script and bring a sense of reality to the telenovela. I think it is worth the struggle as long as the end product is a quality one and I have to say, La Gata is pretty addictive. 

At least Arenas got to work with the beautiful Maite. I'm sure for a man, living like a homeless person and staring at the Mexican beauty ends up canceling out the nasty stuff. "Whoever stares at Maite's face, even if it is covered in dirt and she plays an uneducated person, will just fall in love with her instantly," Arenas said.

Ay, spoken like a true telenovela star al fín.  

Images via Getty Images, Maite Perroni/Twitter