Beyonce & Jay-Z share baby videos of Blue Ivy that will make you cry

Beyonce and Jay-Z getting marriedBeyonce and Jay-Z for president! In 2016, I want them to run on a joint ticket and I'm not talkin' as president and vice president, I mean I want them to be co-presidents. Why? Because I just finished watching a medley of "Forever Young" and "Halo" that Beyonce posted on her website from her On The Run tour with Jay-Z that shows "real life" clips of their relationship from marriage to pregnancy to Blue Ivy being born to I freakin' want them to be together forever and run the country I loved it so much.

The two hour concert film premiered on HBO this weekend, but I don't have cable and I also did not have the pleasure of seeing them in concert, so this is my first time watching these lovely clips of their life together. All I can say is, qué bonita familia and would you like to sit and hold me while we watch it together below?


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I'm a sap and a total sucker for love and romance so of course when I saw Jay-Z put a ring on Beyonce's finger I got all choked up. And watching them laugh and play and truly look in love is a beautiful life-affirming thing.

Beyonce with Jay-Z picture while she's pregnantThen there is this image of Jay-Z standing behind Beyonce while she is pregnant that really made me lose it. They look so happy and blessed. I mean look at the smile on her face!

And forget about it when Blue Ivy makes an entrance. I'm sorry, but that child is all kinds of gorgeous. From the second she was born she was stunning and she brings out the wonderful in both of her parents. You can tell from the clips that they simply adore her.

I've heard the rumors that the relationship is on the rocks, I've heard the divorce rumors and now I've seen this video and I hope with all of my soul that none of that is true because gosh darn it these two are beautiful together, what a romance, what a couple, what a family.

Now press play and if you don't find this video touching, you may want to go see a cardiologist about a heart transplant because yours just might be made of stone.

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