Don Omar arrested for beating his girlfriend​

Don OmarDon Omar has some explaining to do. The 36-year-old reggaetonero was reportedly arrested for domestic violence in Puerto Rico earlier today. Police confirmed that the "Dale" singer was detained around 5 a.m. in the town of Vega Alta after suspicions that he was physically abusive to his 26-year-old girlfriend. Please don't tell me Don Omar is a disgrace of a man just like Ray Rice and other desgraciados that are violent against women.


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The Puerto Rican rapper has been laying low for quite some time and keeping his personal life private. If this is true about Don, it might explain why his ex-wife Jackie Guerrido left him after just two and a half years of marriage. Back in 2011, there were rumors that Don Omar was abusive to the Univision anchor, but neither party discussed details of the split to the media.

Jackie did drop a hint on her Twitter by posting, "Never blame the other person. Good people give you happiness, bad people give you experience, and the best people leave you memories." Guerrido did get a divorce settlement worth $3.7 million, which may give her some reason to keep her mouth shut.

According to Aimée Alvarado, the director of the division of domestic violence, this was not the first time cops were called to Don Omar's residence for suspension of domestic violence. "We have several incidents reported dating back different dates and situations."

The Puerto Rican police department also tweeted a photo of Don Omar getting detained. He doesn't look like a happy camper! He also posted on Twitter, "El matador does not know pain until he feels the sharpness of his own sword." That is pretty cryptic if you ask me. 

 Imagen via Corbis, Policia Puerto Rico/Twitter

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