william levy kids
William Levy/Instagram

William Levy is one hot dad. The handsome Cuban actor has tempted us on the telenovela scene and quickly took over the mainstream with starring roles in Addicted and The Single Moms Club. The best part of watching Levy's career grow is seeing him stay humble and true to his roots. His luck in the love department may not be as great. While his relationship with the mother of his children, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, has been a bit rocky through the years, he continues to be a dedicated dad and we have the images to prove it.

William knows family comes first, no matter what. And even with his busy and hectic work schedule, he makes sure he keeps his children as a priority above all things--and it shows! His kids totally adore him and he adores them and it's clear as day. 

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The handsome guy for sure passed down his good looking genes to his two babies, Christopher and Kailey. They are the center of his world and nothing makes him more attractive than seeing how great of a father he is. He's always ready to put a suit on and take his daughter to a school dance or to throw on his workout clothes and help his son train at the gym

He knows that being present in your kids' lives is important because it's something they will always carry in their memories and cherish forever. Scroll through to see the most adorable photos of William Levy with his two kids. Seeing these pics makes Levy even hotter because what's better than a gorgeous man who is also a great dad?

This entire family is ridiculously good looking. 1

This is so unfair! William for sure passed down his flawless genes onto his kids. This picture is so beautiful. 


Kailey is the center of their world. 2

This little girl is so lucky to have her big brother and dad around her. Just look at how they look at her! So sweet.


William Levy makes his kids laugh like no other. 3

These three definitely have the best times together. Just look at those smiles. He's one heck of a dad and it shows!

The love between them is mutual. 4

Christopher shared this photo of himself hugging his dad and wrote the most beautiful message in the caption. "Always wishing the best for you dad... thank you for being there with me everyday, for training me to get better and teaching me how to be a good man!!" Christopher captioned the pic. "Thank you for always making me laugh 😂 love you dad @willevy #bestdad #happybirthday."


William attended his little girl's father and daughter dance. 5

Look how adorable they look all dressed up! Kailey's smile says it all in this pic. "This is what I call a princess 👸 #realprincess," the actor captioned this pic. 


These two are two peas in a pod. 6

They look identical in this pic wearing matching outfits. We wonder what they were laughing about. This is just too cute!


She's for sure daddy's little girl! 7

The love between a father and daughter is SO special. This photo definitely deserves to be framed and hung up on a wall. 

William loves doing fun activities with his kiddos. 8

"Love spending time with my Champ !!! @christopherlevy To be in your children's memories in the future, you have to be present in their lives now. #sonanddad," he captioned the pic of them skiing. 


Kailey's Father's Day message in 2017 made us teary-eyed. 9

"Happy Father's Day dada! I love u so much.. you are so fun.. you make me so happy.. you are my hero!!" she captioned this pic of herself looking up to her dad. "I will always look up to you and will always be your girl! @willevy #amo #mydaddy #daddysgirl #togetherforever."

A father shows a daughter how she's supposed to be loved, and he's doing it right! 10

"Yeah... it's official!! This is how my New Year starts, drooling 🤤 over my princess 👸 @kaileylevy19 Can't help it. She's too f*cking beautiful !!!! #fatherdaughter," he captioned this adorable pic of him staring at his little one.


William is a super supportive father. 11

His son is a dedicated athlete and William has had his back every step of the way. He often takes him to baseball games and is present at his son's game. What a great example of how a father should be!

Kailey had a little selfie action with dad! 12

He shared this adorable selfie with his daughter for her birthday. He captioned it writing: "Here's one with my princess. @kaileylevy19 HappyBirthday to you!!!! . IM IN LOVE WITH YOU 😘."


This is a total personality pic. 13

Each one of them look so adorable in this pic. Kailey's sneaky smile is the cutest, William's funny face is so funny and Christopher is just watching them in pure amusement. 

Working out in style 14

Levy's workout secret is out! The Latino actor was getting some physical training help from Kailey back when she was 4 years old. Those pushups look intense!  


Kayaking with his little ones 15

Then 8-year-old Christopher and his little sister, Kailey, must have loved this kayaking trip. The proud dad posted on Twitter, "Relaxing time ... Beautiful day in the Keys!" So sweet.

The dad and son duo were in full airplane mode. 16

William Levy is a busy man, but you can tell he treasures family time to the fullest--even when traveling. 


Those expressions? Like father, like son. 17

It looks like little Christopher even shares the same facial expressions as his famous daddy. They are spitting images of each other! 

She's been daddy's little princess from day 1. 18

Kailey was enjoying rocking her tiara like a true princesa. Work it! 


They love spending time on the field together. 19

The Cuban star is teaching his son the best moves on the field. It looks like he is really enjoying it! 

William does carpooling like a pro. 20

William Levy probably offers the best carpool in town--especially since the celeb dad is driving a Rolls-Royce. Those kids are having a blast in the back! 


William balanced dominos and bedtime. 21

The Cuban actor loves playing dominos in his free time. He even manages to wear out his niños for bedtime while he gets his game on. Those are skills.