Celebs: they're just like us. Except that they really aren't. Take their summer vacations, for instance. While most of us were enduring forced staycations or road-tripping to Sesame Place for the eighth summer in a row, Michelle Rodriguez was sunning aboard a yacht in Ibiza alongside beautiful Zac Efron and Selena Gomez was partying her nalgitas off in beautiful St. Tropez. And don't even get me started on Naya Rivera, who pretty much lives in a bikini these days. Yes, life really is a beach when you're an A-list celebrity. Sigh. 


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Though most of us may never be able to afford such lavish vacays, there's absolutely no harm in vacationing vicariously through our favorite celebs on Instagram. So now that summer is coming to an end, let us all bask in the warm memories of these stars' awe-inspiring summer vacations, if for no other reason than to gather a few ideas of where we'd like to visit next summer.

Image via nayarivera/Instagram

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