10 Hilarious tweets your abuela would send

Social media has made the world a much smaller place. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can befriend old classmates, follow your favorite celebs, and keep tabs on that cutie with a booty you've been crushing on since you first laid eyes on him at the gym. Actually, when you think about it, social media makes it really easy to become a creepy lil' stalker. It's for that reason that I refuse to "friend," follow or "like" any of my relatives online--with one exception: my abuelita.


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My abuelita, like most Latina grandmothers, is hi-larious. She tells it like it is, giving new meaning to the hashtag #nofilter, and is full of wisdom to boot. Imagine what the World Wide Web would be like if more of our grandmothers were on social media, sharing their entertaining musings, advice and guilt trips in 140 characters or less. I'm pretty sure it would look a little something like this:   

1. ¿Hola? Who is this? Okay, so maybe abuelita hasn't figured out that Twitter isn't like texting.  Give her time.

2. ¿Que es un #Hashtag? If she ever figures out what a #Hashtag is, chances are that she'll come up with some of the best ones. #CosasMyNietaSays 

3. ¿#CurvyGirlProblems? Ay, esos no son problemas! Son bendiciones! Preach, abuelita! Here's to hoping you inherit your grandmother's killer body confidence.

5. @MiEsposoSuAbuelo Déjame en paz! @MiNietaQueNoMeLlama How do I block your abuelo? Kanye ain't got nothing on your grandparents' Twitter fights. 

6. Since you don't know how to cook, I put my recetas on #Pinterest for you! #Pinning! Now the whole world will know your grandmother's secret recipes….and what she thinks of your cooking!

7. My New Blog Post: 20 Reasons Why You Should Call Your #Abuelita. My nightmare: Abuelita's guilt trip goes viral.

8. #Twerking es un baile? Pues, in my day I was the best #twerker in the barrio. The only thing that could make this public announcement more embarrassing is if your grandfather cosigns it.

9. Un hombre de #Twitter told me that people are following me! What do I do? To you, more followers are a good thing. Your grandmother, however, associates mysterious followers with stranger danger.

10. I'll give you one more reason: Viagra is expensive, so you'd better move it or lose it. RT: "7 reasons you should be having sex every day" TMI! TMI! But good for her--and your abuelo.

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