Xavier Rivas of Los Amos de la Sierra kidnapped & tortured in Denver

Los Amos de la SierraThis is getting out of hand. Another act of violence within the world of grupero music, but this time it took place in this side of the border. Xavier Rivas, drummer of the group Los Amos de la Sierra, was hit in the head, covered with a hood and kidnapped by a group of strangers. It happened in broad daylight and Rivas was so scared that he refuses to file a formal police report. What they did to him is outrageous!


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Rivas was kidnapped in Greeley, Colorado on his way to a grocery store. It looks like it ended up being what's known in Spanish as a "secuestro express" (or a quick kidnapping) since he was only held for a few hours.

In an interview with Telemundo Denver, Rivas claims that after being hit several times, a hood was pulled over his head and he was put in a car where they nailed one of his hands to a piece of wood. According to the musician, his kidnappers seemed a bit confused and couldn't decided what to do with him. Rivas says he feared they would cut off a finger or his entire hand.

secuestrado banda de la sierraThis photo shows the cruelty of the kidnappers who apparently wanted Rivas' group to break up and for him to stop playing drums. 

I can only imagine how scared Rivas must have been in the hands of a bunch of losers who apparently wanted to intimidate his musical group. Even so, the musicians released a statement making it clear that they wouldn't break up and that they'd be playing for their fans once again as soon as Rivas' wound heals.  

Hopefully, he'll change his mind and will report this incident to the police so they can find his kidnappers and punish them accordingly.

Images via Los Amos de la Sierra/Facebook, Telemundo Denver

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