Sofia Vergara flashes HUGE ring, is she engaged already!?

Sofia VergaraSofia Vergara's new relationship with Joe Manganiello seems to be moving at lightning speed. The guy has already met her parents, and rumor has it she's planning to unfreeze her eggs, so they can start popping babies. Now I'm hearing they got engaged. Yes, engaged and she was spotted rocking a huge sparkling diamond on that finger too. Could this be for real? They've only been dating for two months!


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Sofia was all smiles yesterday as she strolled around in West Hollywood with what looked like an engagement ring on her ring finger. In fact, the Modern Family actress appeared to be making no efforts to hide the ring at all. I almost get the impression she was trying to show it off. But then again who wouldn't want to show off a huge cushion-cut diamond like that?

Sofia Vergara with engagement ring

Rumors of an engagement have been circling the internet since Sofia stepped out with that large diamond ring, but after closer inspection I realized that we all got it wrong. If you take a good look, the ring actually matches the necklace she's wearing. And remember, Sofia did just launch a new collection for Kay Jewelers. As a matter of fact, if you go on the Kay Jewelers website and browse through Sofia's collection, you'll find a Amethyst Diamond ring that looks exactly like it. So sorry to break it to you girl, but the likely hood of Sofia and Joe being engaged right now is looking pretty slim.

Sofia is clearly head-over-heels for Joe, that's obvious. But I suggest they take things down a notch, unless they want to ruin what they have going on. Marriage is pretty serious stuff. It's literally the most important commitment you can make to someone, so you definitely don't want to rush it. These two should just enjoy one another's company for now, there's really no need to hop on the marriage wagon just yet!

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