WATCH: Adults guessing teenage slang will make you feel SO OLD

It seems like yesterday that Clueless' catch phrase "As if" was a thing and everyone knew what being down with OPP meant. Sigh. Now we have popular acronyms like LOL (laugh out loud) and SMH (shaking my head), but apparently there are even more slangs that were created to a) confuse older people and b) make the youngins feel really cool. Buzzfeed asked a panel of 30-somethings to guess the meaning of some of the new slangs out there and their response confirms that they are old, we are old ... I am old. Go grab a box of tissues before watching this…


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The hysterical video is pretty enlightening. It teaches us street vocabulary words and makes us feel like a damn viejita while doing it. The clip reviews verbs like SHIP, which means "to endorse a romantic relationship between two people." Interesting. Another sweet made up word is OTP, which stands for "One True Pairing, a dream couple who may or may not actually be together." I can bet that most of these OTPs walking in the high school hallway won't last more than two weeks.

The only disclaimer I have for this video is: do not say these at home. Yes, we are too damn old. Get over it. Trying to use these words will end up giving the teens in your life a free pass to make fun of you day after day. Besides, even if you start using these slangs like a pro, I guarantee that the trend will expire and you will risk looking like an old fool all over again.

So please, let's stick to our super hip 1990s and 2000s slangs because we were the originators of those. These young peeps are just straight-up copying us! Just don't let them know that. We will keep letting them believe they are all that ... and a bag of chips.

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