Gael Garcia Bernal divorcing his wife!

gael garcia bernal and dolores fonzi divorceAfter five years of marriage, Gael García and Dolores Fonzi might be headed for divorce. According to Argentinean mag Paparazzi, the couple has had their fair share of marital problems and it looks like this time things might be over for good. In fact, rumor has it Gael has already left their apartment and now lives alone in Argentina. Oh no! What could have gone wrong?


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Gael moving out of his shared apartment with Dolores to go live on his own in Buenos Aires is definitely a big sign of trouble. Reports claim that Gael is extremely affected by the split and especially misses his kids, 5-year-old Lázaro and 3-year-old Libertad. This is so sad. What happened?

For the past two years or so, there have been rumors that there was trouble in paradise for Gael and Dolores. I've always dismissed them as just chismes, but started having my doubts after Dolores did that interview with El Mundo where she expressed that she smoked marijuana all day, every day and even in front of her kids. Could that have been part of the problem? Who knows! Gael has always seemed like a free spirit himself, but maybe the reason behind why Dolores was always high is the bigger issue.

Let's not forget, Gael's best bud, Diego Luna, separated from his wife Camila Sodi after five years of marriage. Sort of makes me wonder if Gael is following in his friend's footsteps, subconsciously of course. Regardless, I'm taking this news with a grain of salt, since neither Gael or Dolores have actually confirmed a separation. Plus, I want to believe that there's still a chance they'll work it out in the end!

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